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NFL Draft Odds | Draft Betting - Player Selection Meeting

NFL Draft Odds | Draft Betting – Player Selection Meeting

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NFL Draft Odds | Bet the annual event which serves as the league’s most common source of player recruitment.

NFL Draft Odds

NFL Draft Odds, 2024 Draft Prop Bets

NFL Odds

The NFL Draft is an annual event in which college football players are selected to join all the 32 NFL teams. This three-day event has always captured the attention of the betting world and here at MyBookie, we have the odds for every player! Here, you can review, compare, and bet on the latest odds for the NFL Draft right up to the day of the event.

The NFL Draft odds for each player to be the No. 1 overall pick have been up for months at MyBookie. So as we get closer to the event, the odds for the Draft will continue to fluctuate daily. So keep in mind that time is running out to place that winning Draft bet with the best odds on the market.

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NFL Win-Loss Predictions For Every NFC Team in the 2024/25 Calendar

NFL Win-Loss Predictions For Every NFC Team in the 2024/25 Calendar

While the NFL offseason always feels way too long, there are several markers that indicate we are getting closer to the start.

We hit one of those on Wednesday night with the release of the 2024-25 calendar.


My Analysis

While we all had a feeling about how things might go for every team in the league this season, we now have a lot more to work with given that we know who will be playing who and when, With that in mind, let’s look at the win totals for every team in the NFC and make NFL betting predictions on the OVER/UNDER, keeping in mind that these picks might change over time.


NFC East Division Odds

Dallas Cowboys Regular Season Wins 10 ½

Another very good regular season followed by another playoff nightmare in 2023. The Cowboys have done little to improve this offseason – UNDER.

Philadelphia Eagles Regular Season Wins 10 ½

The Eagles lost the division by a tiebreaker last year. I think they take it back again this season – OVER.

New York Giants Regular Season Wins 6 ½

The Giants decided to skip drafting a QB and instead tried to build around Daniel Jones. This is a move that has the potential to be an absolute disaster – UNDER.

Washinton Commanders Regular Season Wins 6 ½

This division looks like a 2-horse race, with the Commanders not being a part of it. Still, I think they climb past the Giants and go slightly OVER.


NFC North Division Odds

Detroit Lions Regular Season Wins 10 ½

The Lions lived up to the hype last season, but can they build on that and take another step forward? I think they might – OVER.

Green Bay Packers Regular Season Wins 9 ½

The way in which the Packers ended last season suggests they might be a factor this year. A Wild Card seems likely, as does the OVER.

Minnesota Vikings Regular Season Wins 6 ½

Starting the season with a rookie QB under center is a sure sign that a team is rebuilding. There will be some growing pains, but I like the OVER.

Chicago Bears Regular Season Wins 8 ½

All eyes are on #1 draft pick Caleb Williams as he enters his rookie season. If he catches fire, then look for the OVER.



NFC South Division Odds

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Regular Season Wins 7 ½

The Buccaneers relied on some late-season magic to sneak into the playoffs, but the South figures to be stronger this year. That said, I still think the Bucs sneak OVER.

New Orleans Saints Regular Season Wins 7 ½

The Saints still look like a middle of the pack or lower team and will struggle to get near the Wild Card, in my opinion – UNDER.

Atlanta Falcons Regular Season Wins 9 ½

With the arrival of Kirk Cousins, the Falcons addressed their QB problem, but is that enough. They could still win this division with a 9-8 record, which is where I think they will be – UNDER.

Carolina Panthers Regular Season Wins 4 ½

There really is very little to like about this team heading into the new season. Worst in the league looks very likely – UNDER.


NFC West Division Odds

San Francisco 49ers Regular Season Wins 11 ½

For my money, the 49ers look to be the most complete team in football right now. I like them to win the Super Bowl and go OVER.

LA Rams Regular Season Wins 8 ½

The health of Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp will determine just how good the Rams will be this season. If they can stay in shape, then I am on the OVER.

Seattle Seahawks Regular Season Wins 7 ½

With Pete Carroll gone, it’s the start of a new era in Seattle, which often means some time for adjustment – UNDER.

Arizona Cardinals Regular Season Wins 6 ½

The Cardinals have had back-to-back 4-win seasons, and while they should be better this year, it will not be by much – UNDER.

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NFL Win-Loss Predictions For Every NFC Team in the 2024/25 Calendar

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