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06/24 - 10:00 AM

US Presidential Election - Next President

US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2024 - US Presidential Election - Next President

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It’s that time if the decade again when we must sit down and make bets for one of the craziest two person matches of all time, the U.S. Presidential Election. Heading into this year’s election, momentum appears to be on the side of Donald “The Wall” Trump. Odds on The Don have fallen to -110. Joe “What Year Is It … click title for full article.

How to Win with the U.S. Politics Props

With the U.S. elections around the corner, prop bets are becoming increasingly popular among bettors. U.S. politics prop betting is a type of wagering where the bettors can place their bets on various political events related to U.S. politics. Unlike traditional sports betting, prop betting allows you to bet on things like which candidate will win a particular state or … click title for full article.

U.S. Politics – Trump Favored By The Odds

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump made their final pitches to American citizens over the weekend. The odds continue to favor Trump, but The Donald pulled a rabbit from his hat in 2016. Will he do the same thing in 2020? Check out a final analysis of the presidential odds to win as well as some of the swing state … click title for full article.

U.S. Politics – Donald Trump Favored to Repeat

We’ve gone over all of the prop wagers and have made picks for the electoral college in the toughest to handicap states. The only thing we must do now is choose which candidate, Republican “Don’t Call Me Orangutan” Trump, or Joe “Wind Energy Rocks” Biden. Let’s get to it so you can keep on making your bets against their U.S. … click title for full article.

U.S. States 2020 Electoral College Winners Expert Analysis

The U.S. Presidential Election is almost here! Every week, we’ve analyzed and made U.S. political picks. Because we’re so close to the election, this week we’re talking the Electoral College. The United State’s chooses its president based on how the electoral college votes. Even if the candidate loses the popular vote, like Donald Trump in 2016, the candidate can still … click title for full article.

U.S. Presidential Election Props Update Oct. 14th Edition

Things are heating up! Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have hit the campaign trail. For a moment, it appeared as if Trump might not get back out on the trail due to his coronavirus positive. But the 74-year-old current President showed no signs in a rally in Florida. Check out an update of U.S. Presidential Election props with analysis … click title for full article.

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