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2024 - 05 - 20 19:30+00:00
2024 - 05 - 20 20:30+00:00
Acereros + de Events
Real time odds for Acereros De Monclova and Algodoneros De Union Laguna and the rest of 2024 - 05 - 20 19:30+00:00 games.
Acereros De Monclova v Algodoneros De Union Laguna

05/20 - 07:30 PM




Mexican League - Acereros de Monclova vs. Algodoneros de Union Laguna



Mexican League Baseball | LMB

  Mexican League Baseball Betting lines for the games in the season plus odds to win in Title

Liga Mexicana de Béisbol | Mexico – United States
Professional baseball league based in Mexico

The Mexican League was formed in 1925 with 6 teams, then in 1979, the LMB absorbed the Mexican Central League, which expanded the league to 20 teams. The league ended up with a lineup of 18 teams in two divisions, North and South.

The Mexican League has two minor league affiliates, the Northern Mexican League and the Mexican Academy League.

Mexican league Lines
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